About Pac

With a complete range of products and extraordinary knowledge.

Pac (former Pac-Production) started off as a shoebox manufacturer in 1973. Today we are a full-service wholesaler with a highly appreciated overall concept. This means that, in addition to finding the leading packing manufacturers in the world and buying directly from them, at the best rates without intermediaries, we also offer an extensive knowledge, unbeatable logistics and customer specific solutions. Thanks to the acquisition of City Papper in January 2016, we have considerably increased our competence in the cleaning and chemical sector.

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New Logistics Center

Our new logistics center with 20.000 m² was finished in October 2016 and we have now moved into these modern facilities that comply with the Green Building standards. Green Building was an EU initiative during 2004-2014 to speed up the energy efficiency in the building sector. In Sweden, Green Building has become a strong brand for energy saving. The requirement is to use 25 % less energy than what is determined in the regulations for new buildings.

Online Shopping

Do your shopping whenever you feel like it. Our web shop is open 24/7 all year round. Smooth and secure.

Fast Delivery

If we receive your order before 11 am your products will, in most cases, be delivered the following day.

Personal Service

Questions or doubts? Or do you just want to talk to an expert in the field? Get in touch with your sales representative or contact customer support at our main office in Örebro, phone +46 19 17 57 00.

Our own Graphic Design Department

Our customers often have an idea about what their profile material should look like. Just hand in a sketch (more or less developed, drawn on a napkin works fine) to our graphic designer and soon afterwards you will receive a professional, unique and product-adapted design.


In our well-assorted shop you can shop whenever it suits you. Our shop are located at Berglundavägen 5-7 in Örebro.

Brief facts about Pac

  • Annual turnover of approximately MSEK 435.

  • AAA – highest credit rating according to Soliditet.

  • 75 employees.

  • Main office and logistics center in Örebro.

  • Shop in Örebro.

  • Sales offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Sundsvall.

  • 20.000 m² logistics center in Örebro, with quick and easy access to the whole of Scandinavia.

  • From September 29, 2017 we are part of Opti-Group.


Please book a visit to one of our showrooms in Örebro, Uppsala, Årsta, Gothenburg or Malmö through your sales representative!